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Kel Fashion | Art. Fashion. Expression.
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Who We Are

Kel Incorporated is a grass root fashion brand started in South Florida with ART, FASHION and EXPRESSION as their tool to bring you exceptional designs made by Chief Executive Designer Kerlyne Moreau.  The company originally started with hats as the main focus but transitioned into clothing shortly, creating dresses, skirts, hand bags, shoes, and more.  Today the Kel brand is a complete fashion company with clothing, accessories and hats.
The Kel Incorporated brand intends on expanding company into interior decorating, cosmetics, model management, fashion production for runway shows, and photography.  Cleary what we do at Kel Incorporated is help our clients “Live The Way They Look and Feel”.

What We Do

Art, Fashion and Expression is WHAT WE DO at Kel Incorporated.  We incorporate these three elements in every piece of design we produce for clients, and new buyers.  With the vision of CED (Chief Executive Designer) Kerlyne Moreau our company intend on bringing new to work with designers, models, and events.  Kel Incorporated has been feature on television, appearances on internet radio stations, digital magazines, and local newspaper website.  We donated to charitable organizations for breast cancer, leukemia, and institutes for young girls in the past.  Our company will continue to reach out to the community to volunteer or organize events to bring awareness to these causes.
Kel Inc’s CED Kerlyne Moreau wants to make the Kel brand become a household name for making people look, and feel good.  Kerlyne loves to make her clients smile and loves the reaction from her clients after wearing her creation.  The joy in their faces, knowing that something she created can make a difference, a positive difference in someone life.  This is the true essence of Kel Inc., to bring the happiness out of our clients through the garments we make.  This is WHAT WE DO, and if you’re interested in more about our company, contact us.
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